Women Presidents’ Organization

Welcome to the South African Women Presidents’ Organisation campaign to Plant a Forest. One tree at a time. Help us plant a living legacy

Who is WPO?

The Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO) is the ultimate affiliation for successful women entrepreneurs worldwide. There are currently 137 chapters worldwide. Each chapter of 20, serves as a peer advisory group based on the four C’s of the WPO: Collaboration, Confidentiality, Commitment and Connections.

What is the Campaign?

Trees restore ecologies. Careful and well planned re-establishment of indigenous trees results in sustainable conservation. Threatened species have a better chance of survival and entire eco-systems revive and become sustainable. Businesses who believe in sustainability, contributes to a triple bottom line, do so as more than an environmental gesture—it makes long-term economic sense.

In support of the South African Reforestation Trust, we aim to plant a forest of 10,000 trees on an approved site situated on Klein River Cheese Farm, Overberg. The farm is part of the unique Fynbos Flower Kingdom, one of six flower kingdoms in the world. Over 70% of the Fynbos plants in this area is found only in the Overberg. Embracing our WPO mantra of “Reaching Farther. Together” we will impact significantly on the project, support Overberg conservation and actively invest in the tomorrow of this pristine region. We look forward to updating you with progress and news via our Facebook page. Please like us and follow us https://www.facebook.com/WPOPlantAForest/

Why is Planting Trees a Necessity?

Planting a tree is a good idea, but planting an indigenous tree as a component of a natural forest within a planned area, has the added benefit of creating a safe habitat for natural wildlife, supporting entire eco-systems, while giving clean air, protection, food and support to the smallest and biggest of living plants, insects, animals and humans.

Economic Sense – Trees Make Economic Cents

Besides preserving ecosystems, trees provide numerous services vital to our communities which can be equated to Rands and cents. Sadly, these monetary benefits are often overlooked when evaluating the worth of urban “green” infrastructure.

Economic sense – “deforestation is rarely in the economic interest of the country concerned. More often it is due to a combination of bad policies, population growth and poverty. In some parts of the world, such as the highlands of Bolivia, Peru and Nepal, and in the countryside surrounding many fast-growing cities in Africa, trees are lost because the poor use wood for fuel.” THE ECONOMIST

Investment Process

  • WPO SA members will campaign to raise funds to individuals or businesses who will donate the funds needed to buy, plant and care for the tree at the allocated site at the cost of R120
  • A dedicated team of experts all working under the South African Reforestation Trust and in partnership with many committed community and business members will ensure the successful planting and maintenance of the new forest
  • Orders are processed online by clicking on the link in the green box above.
  • A certificate is issued for each purchase and all contributors are listed on our site in honour of their contribution, unless anonymity is requested.

Ways to Join us and leave a living legacy for our future generations

  • Donate as an individual or family
  • Gift someone with a living legacy, in memory or honour of a friend or loved one
  • Celebration of life event, rally for trees as gifts i.e. a Christmas gift for the person who has ‘everything’
  • Donate as a team or organization
  • Participate as a school involving the children in their future sustainability

Stay in touch with our updates and progress on our Facebook page – WPO Plant a Forest