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Partner Table

Order DateContributed ToQuantityPlant SiteTotalStatus
20 May 2018Sparkfolios South Africa1Farm 215R120.00
17 May 2018Steve and Gilly Fraser Smith1Grootvadersbosch ConservancyR120.00
17 May 2018Marina Smuts1Grootvadersbosch ConservancyR120.00
17 May 2018Rinus De Kleijn1Grootvadersbosch ConservancyR120.00
17 May 2018Dave and Angie Hill1Grootvadersbosch ConservancyR120.00
28 April 2018Tourvest Destination Management343Farm 215R41,160.00
19 April 2018Jenny & Lance5Farm 215R600.00
12 April 2018Elke and Brett Chrystal24Farm 215R2,880.00
12 April 2018Ingrid Kramer1Farm 215R120.00
12 April 2018Ulf and Ulli2Farm 215R240.00
12 April 2018Bjorn Lilja5Farm 215R600.00
12 April 2018Alon Olsha2Farm 215R240.00
12 April 2018Tina Kruse1Farm 215R120.00
12 April 2018Marita Stein1Farm 215R120.00
9 March 2018Claire Antoszewski & Will Grant2Farm 215R240.00
5 March 2018Benjamin Joubert1Farm 215R120.00
5 March 2018Vic1Farm 215R120.00
4 February 2018Rotermund Family2Farm 215R240.00
2 February 2018Zachary and Lilly-Meigh van Dyk1Klein River Cheese FarmR120.00
10 January 2018Maarten Groos2Farm 215R240.00
4 January 2018Thiago Los1Farm 215R120.00
4 January 2018Bastiaan Los1Farm 215R120.00
4 January 2018Rhami Edwards1Farm 215R120.00
4 January 2018Robin Los1Farm 215R120.00
4 January 2018Annemiek Kootstra1Farm 215R120.00
Order DateContributed ToQuantityPlant SiteTotalStatus