The South African Reforestation Trust is a platform bringing landowners, institutions, companies and individuals together to plant and extend indigenous forest eco-systems.

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Trees For Tourism

Join the collective effort of the tourism industry in South Africa to make a difference to the natural and tourism capital of this country.
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WPO Plant a Forest

Join this initiative of the Women Presidents’ Organisation of South Africa to plant a forest of 10’000 trees near Stanford in the Overberg.
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The South African Reforestation Trust is registered as a Non Profit Organisation with the Department of Social Development of the Republic of South Africa (registration number 200-956 NPO).

Our forest-sites are dotted around the Cape : The Overberg, Grootvadersbosch near Swellendam, Wilderness and the Boland. Each reforestation site is independently managed and operated by professionals on the basis of common rules as set up by the South African Reforestation Trust.

The forestation of the South African Reforestation Trust is a biodiversity enhancement program, only locally occurring indigenous tree species are planted.
The forestation sites are under management for fire and erosion protection and ongoing removal of alien invasive vegetation and are protected.
The reforestation sites are a sanctuary for both flora and fauna. Harvesting of indigenous trees will not take place and hunting and restricting movement of naturally occurring wildlife will not be allowed.
No forestation will take place in areas with existing pristine and undisturbed indigenous vegetation and as a consequence will only take place in disturbed areas where rehabilitation intervention is necessary or highly required.

Please check out and support the programs running as part of the South African Reforestation Trust platform.

If you want to know more, become our partner or want to help or contribute in any other manner, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Meanwhile, we carry on planting forests and give back to nature, one tree at a time.