SAReforest is a platform of conservation-active landowners who plant and extend indigenous, pristine and diverse natural forest-eco-systems which will be protected and secure for generations to come.

Total Trees Planted

Join this reforestation effort to increase biodiversity and restore land. Make a difference for South Africa. Every tree counts.

The South African Reforestation Trust (“SAReforest“) is registered as a Trust with number 021966/2014 (C) and as a Non Profit Organisation with the Department of Social Development of the Republic of South Africa (registration number 200-956 NPO). SAReforest meets the requirements of a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) and has been granted Tax Exemption status by the South African Revenue Service (SARS). Donations to SAReforest are tax deductible.

Each of the reforestation sites of  SAReforest is independently managed by conservation and rehabilitation professionals with deep knowledge of the local natural conditions on the basis of common rules and methodology as set up by SAReforest.

SAReforest ony plants the proper trees in the right spots. Always locally indigenous and diverse. Never single species plantations. Always on degraded land. Never in another eco-system. Always in context with the surrounding nature. Always protected. Never to be harvested.

The re-forestation sites are furthermore under management for fire and erosion protection and ongoing removal of alien invasive vegetation.
The reforestation sites are a sanctuary for both flora and fauna. Felling of indigenous trees will not take place and hunting and restricting movement of naturally occurring wildlife will not be allowed.

No forestation will take place in areas with existing pristine and undisturbed indigenous vegetation and as a consequence will only take place in disturbed areas where rehabilitation intervention is necessary or highly required and indigenous forest or woodland will thrive.

Forests are the lungs and filters of our Earth. Natural forests produce oxygen, sequest carbon dioxide, clean the air, create rain, make soil and cool the surface of our planet. Forests are make us live.

The reforestation sites of SAReforest will turn into long maturing natural and diverse forests. Young natural and diverse forests regrown on agricultural or deforested areas take up the largest amount of CO2 from the atmosphere, much more than tree-plantations, agro-forestry or mono-culture tree-planting and are most efficient in combatting climate change.

If you want to know more, become our partner or want to help or contribute in any other manner, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Meanwhile, we carry on planting forests and give back to nature, one tree at a time. It takes a forest to plant a tree.