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Reforestation is Rehabilitation

The Reflections Eco Reserve near Wilderness plants indigenous trees in clearings close to alien trees in order for the young indigenous trees to be protected against wind and harsh midday sun. When the indigenous trees have reached a certain maturity and independence, the alien trees are felled.

Farm 215 Private Nature Reserve in the Overberg has cleared and burnt the whole reforestation site from alien species before any planting of indigenous trees took place. Indigenous trees are planted out in close density so that the juvenile indigenous trees can shelter each other and to force upright growth.

All three sites are near water. Reflections Eco Reserve borders the Rondevlei Lake. The reforestation sites of Grootvadersbosch and Farm 215 flank streams running down from mountain catchment areas. Reforestation is a means to stream-bank rehabilitation, improving the water quality, preventing further erosion of the stream-banks and slowing down seasonal run-off of water.

Since reforestation will only take place in degraded areas, no pristine nature will be sacrificed. Reforestation will not take place on land suitable or earmarked for agriculture and hence will not collide with food production.